The Internet Intelligence Lab is an academic research lab at the School of Computer Science, College of Computing of Georgia Tech. We focus on understanding and improving the security and reliability of the Internet


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Selected Projects

IODA: Internet Outage Detection and Analysis


IODA monitors the Internet 24/7 to detect and visualize large connectivity outages in realtime. Users include the United Nations, Amnesty International, ISOC, as well as researchers (CS and PoliSci), journalists (WSJ, Reuters), ...

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GRIP: Global Routing Intelligence Platform


The Global Routing Intelligence Platform detects and visualizes attacks to the Internet global routing system in near-realtime through inference techniques that combine diverse datasets.

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MapKIT: Mapping Key Internet Terrain


This project aims at identifying structural weaknesses (e.g., exploitable by state actors) in the physical and logical Internet topology of countries.


CS 8803-IDS Internet Data Science

A seminar-style course covering research on networking with emphasis on Internet measurements and data analysis. We will discuss impactful papers that introduced either new measurement techniques, datasets, or platforms and tools. Topics include global routing, cyber attacks, Internet topology, DNS, protocols usage, network reconnaissance.

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